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Odour Reduction

Odours caused by decomposition of organic wastes can now be significantly reduced through use of the completely non-toxic liquid catalytic additive EcoCatalyst

This BOC is superior to masking agents, such as essential oils, because it catalytically breaks down the odour causing organic contaminates rather than merely covering over the odours.

TM is metered at highly diluted ratios, and sprayed on organic wastes. It provides an immediate elimination of noxious odours, at their source.

Benefits include:

  • Immediate and significant reduction of odours
  • Breaks down fatty deposits to thoroughly clean treated areas (tipping floors, trucks and food processing work areas)
  • Will virtually eliminate leachate odours
  • Eliminates drain fly and pest infestations caused by odours
  • Completely safe to use by workers and public
  • Is not a masking agent
  • Highly concentrated, low dosages required

EcoCatalyst TM provides the highest quality natural odour elimination product to municipal and industrial markets, offering a superior alternative to traditional masking agents.

It is used in Canadian municipal organics facilities, transfer stations, trucks, wastewater facilities and food processors. View the MSDS.